All (pit-stop) Photographs taken by the very talented Michael Hughes

Coat by Asos // Tee by Sportsgirl // Denim by Nudie Jeans

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is go exploring with Michael, normally ending in a lot of driving but lovely adventures. So today we drove down to Mt Tamborine, taking to scenic route then to find the back road leading to the mountain was closed, we tracked back to go up the front way and finally reaching the top by lunch. I unfortunately ended up with some suspicious looking chicken for lunch, for then michael to prove a point that with his vegetarian ways means he doesn't have these non-cooked poisoning issues. In terms of the outfit, basics are a must for adventures and this striped bad boy was perfect for the chillier weather at the mountain peak. 

ps. let me know if you some sunday (queensland) adventure ideas for me.

jasmine x 


  1. perfect coat... you look very stylish :)

  2. I love casual Sunday drives. Looks like you found a lovely location. Loving the coat striped vibes. I ordered one myself this weekend. Can't wait for it to arrive :-)

    Christie x

  3. That coat is to die for! It looks perfect on you!


  4. love your coat! :-) beautiful photos



  5. Ah that coat! <3
    Also, head out to Samford sometime on a Sunday drive! That or Mount Cootha :)


  6. Such a nice striped coat! I hope your chicken was okay in the end, food poisoning is not fun!

    There are so many nice places to go around the south east! You can head up the sunshine coast a little, redlands is a nice drive, as is sanctuary cove on the gold coast.

    Away From Blue

  7. Honey I am so glad I found your blog - love it so much! This coat is so gorgeous too! xx


  8. Hello, I'm and expat from the Goldie and am now living in Melbourne.
    I just discovered your blog and think it is fabulous! Love your style!

    As a suggestion for a day trip Crystal Castle is amazing! Its in between Tweed Heads and Byron Bay! Its a great place for photos and a walk in the gardens, it also has a great cafe...no suspicious chicken!

    M xx