All prints available exclusively at Molten Store

Out of everything that has happened this year, this is definitely up there for the most exciting personally. When Molten Store approached me to collaborate and create exclusive prints for their online store I did squeal a little (or a lot!) Molten Store easily has one of the strongest, most beautiful aesthetics I have seen in a long time and through plenty of late night emailing we can up with these four exclusive expression prints. 

All prints have been created by me through hand lettering using Indian Ink then prints are created on heavy card. Those who have me on Instagram (@jasminedowling) will see this typographic treatment is strong passion of mine. After many of you asking for prints, here they are online :) 

pop over to Molten Store to shop these prints for $29 and all their other beauties

jasmine x 


  1. Jasmine I have to say I was pretty excited to see the email from Molten Store pop up in my inbox earlier today. What an incredible achievement for you, both personally and professionally. Well deserved! :)

  2. YAY! This is so exciting. The prints all look amazing. xx

  3. So excited for you! The prints look amazing and I am loving how you styled them with the gorgeous blooms.

    Christie x

  4. You gorgeous clever thing - I just logged on and am in love with it all! Lucky it's pay day tomorrow. So glad to see you reaching some big milestones; I love your stuff. Amy and Dave said the engagement print is their favourite gift of all!

  5. Love the styling you did for these! These prints look fantastic! x

  6. These are so lovely!! I just pinned your "the secret to getting ahead is getting started." The lettering is too gorgeous! Congratulations on these prints!! You have some beautiful talent here!

  7. A huge congratulations lovely lady! This is amazing. And those prints are so fabulous. Molten Store are lucky to have you on board. You must be super excited! Since I minored in Graphic Design, I sure appreciate quality typography.