Illustration by Feling Poh 

After a few emails from some lovely ladies asking I thought I would put up a little post about me

Age: 21 City: Brisbane, Aus

Spent most of my early childhood trying get in with my two older brothers Flynn & Morgan by playing toy cars, unsuccessfully trying to ride a bmx bike (which ended in my mouth being full of rocks) and other activities which nearly always left me hurt. My parent’s were divorced when I was five which meant I grew up with my mother who is probably the most amazing human I know.

How I got into blogging
I got into blogging around this time last year after a few people via social media has been asking if I had one. I really just wanted to do something & anything to get creating and to be honest I did think no one would really read it and it could be something different for Michael & I. I already loved clothing & Michael already loved photography so it was sort of decided then that we would just start and see what happened. What was the worst that could happen?

How I got into typography
I got into typography a few university holidays ago when I was pretty sick of designing everything on the computer and struggling to find a nice brush font that I liked. Being someone who hates doing nothing I decided to try learn the skill of hand lettering. From there I started writing a lot of calligraphy that I love but brush is where my heart is. I love the stroke of a brush, even though you can mess it all up within 0.1 second.  From there I have been practicing most days since and developing my own identifiable style.

Indian Ink, Various Brushes, Water, and copious amounts of paper.

My first memory of typography
Grade 5, I was known in primary school as the bubble writing queen and if you were born early 90s you know what a big deal that is. I also used to write little books of different handwriting because classmates always wanted to copy. I was also the first in my class to get a pen license?

What is around me right now
 Baby’s Breath taken from a wedding, Water, Photobooth photos, 7 different ink pots, 3 art pallets, Receipts, Twill, Polka dot stickers and way too much paper.

Biggest challenge
I would say my biggest challenge is myself, I am someone who takes things to heart and can be very hard on myself which is never fun.  But more so currently, I have been faced with a few challenges with people taking and using my work without permission. It is something I find hard to deal with as I don’t want to be chucking huge watermarks over my work and I don’t want to have to stop sharing my work through social media.

Fun Facts
My biggest fear is anything to do with lizards, I’m sorry if I am following someone who puts up a photo of a lizard I have to unfollow them at the risk of throwing my phone out of fear. I am just terrified by the sight of them. Especially the ones that live near rivers and lakes. Geckos are okay.

As of 2012 I can’t eat Corn Chips, Corn, Twisties or Cheetos without my stomach going into a world of pain. I can’t work out why because I still eat popcorn without any trouble.

Michael is actually my oldest brother’s friend and I met him when I was in Primary School.

I have pretty gory nightmares.

I also love to watch scary and true-life crime shows, even though I have taken a break to ware off the dreams.

I can’t eat dinner while watching a movie.

The first level of my house went under in the 2011 floods so I lived with my brother Morgan for 8 months in an apartment.

I stress-shower not stress-eat.

I have two middle names

And thats a little bit about me

jasmine x 

You can see more of Feling's illustrations here


  1. Thanks for sharing Jasmine! I'm sorry to hear that people are taking and using your work without permission. It's one thing to re-gram or post a picture, as long as you always, ALWAYS give credit and backlink, but it's down right theft to take and use for your own gain - is there a way you could include a tiny watermark within your design? Instead of having to splash one across your work?

  2. Thanks for writing this post Jasmine, it's nice to get to know you a little more! I hate hearing about work being stolen, it's so rude. I hope it all sorts itself out. I love the illustration of you.. xx

  3. I'm a stress-showerer too! I thought id never identify with someone else like that before. Thanks for opening up!

    xx Millie

  4. I can totally identify with the gorey dreams! Ive seen every single episode of criminal minds and svu, usually its a marathon haha and its messy! But somehow i love them, writing this im cringing at how warped i sound haha! Also i too was the bubble writing queen! I used to do friends title pages for them haha xE

  5. I just found your beautiful work recently Jasmine, your lettering is amazing! It's also nice to find someone else with a overwhelming fear of lizards that can't eat corn chips ;)

    Have a lovely day!


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