This is something I have had in the works for the last month or so. When I first started jotting down fruity puns, I was stuck because I wanted them to be rich with colour but not use a traditional printer. It is very important to me to always keep experimenting with hand craft instead of relying on digital forms of production. So I decided I wanted to screen print. All well and good but I did not know how to screen print but I can honestly say after screen printing all week I have perfected it. 

Practice what you peach ($60) shop here

Let's Jam ($60) shop here

We make a great pear ($60) shop here

These prints are all A3 (42 x 30cm) in size created on 280 gsm white card. Designed to either hang alone in your bedroom, office or even kitchen. They are even a cute set of three. 

Each priced at $60 AUD plus postage. 


For those who follow me on Instagram you would know I have been trying to learn french (not going so well) So I decided I would try write, and re write french prints to get it to sink in. 

I have created four french expressions available in three colour aways; navy, pink or white. 

a la belle etoile - 'Under the Stars/Sky' ($35 each) Shop Here

joie de vivre - 'Joy of Living' ($35 each) Shop Here

maison loin de la maison - 'Home away from Home' ($35 each) Shop here

Each print is created on 300gsm A4 (21 x 30cm) card and priced at $35 AUD plus postage. Again these prints have been designed to stand alone but even better when in sets of three.

jasmine x 


  1. Those fruit puns are so cute!
    I've been trying to learn French too. I'm in love with that "Joie de Vivre" print.

  2. Wow! All of your are prints are absolutely amazing! I'm completely in love the vivid colours you've used on your fruit ones ... also the puns are perfect! I actually tried screen printing a few years ago but failed miserably at it, so you've definitely convinced me to give it another go. I guess when it comes to screen printing "practice makes perfect!".
    ... also your styling is amazing too!

  3. These are awesome! I've always wanted to try screen printing ... How hard was it to learn? I watched video after video and all I found were a bunch of people with giant machines that looked like they'd cost a fortune.

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  5. Love the look of your french collection!

    Laura | Breton & Blush