Shot by the talented Michael Hughes

Knit by Zara // Jeans by Country Road // Bag by Kate Spade New York

This has probably been one of my favourite days to date. We woke up in East Village to snow falling gently outside our window and with it being towards the end of our time in NY we gave this day to exploring. I could walk around everyday in snowy soho, and that is what we spent most of the day doing after breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. By the time I had enough coffee to function I was a little sad that the falling snow from earlier in the morning had light snow / rain. Even with that, this is my favourite shoot yet, I love the dusting of snow and remembering the way I felt that day.

Note: do not let the seemingly small amount of layers fool you. In this photo I am wearing 2 pairs of leggings under my jeans, at least 5 long sleeve tops under the knit and 2 pairs of socks.  

jasmine x 


  1. As much as I absolutely love this post, it makes me so so sad. I am so jealous of your Zara knit! I had one almost identical from American Apparel, but shrunk it in the wash. Along with every knit in this house (sorry Brad!). While I'm away I think I need to go to Zara and pick this one up to replace mine.

    Nothing more magical than a light snow, huh! And nothing more annoying than having to pull jeans on over thermals.


  2. Love the boots and bag! :))
    and yes layers of clothes are everything! haha xoxo


  3. God the photos themselves just seem like magic. It must have been such a treat to have this light snow, no matter how cold it was. You look gorgeous!

  4. You definitely fooled me, you look very chic and not at all bundled up! These pictures are amazing, it's hard to capture a moment like you have with just the right amount of snow x


  5. beautiful, beautiful..i love your hair. hoping mine grows out quick so i can go for this look:) your smile is so cute.

  6. This is perfect.

    x http://tiaelisabeth.blogspot.ca

  7. Yes! You definitely look happy! I love that you shared how layered up you are. I definitely double on leggings during the winter as well.