From one holiday to another, working in retail normally means you never get the christmas to new year off but I was lucky enough to grab a few weeks off to spend time with my family by the beach. I feel like I have gone from never taking time off to getting greedy with it. 

I am starting to pack to go to the seaside and these are just a few things on my list. 

In the beauty arena is;

Invisible Zinc - got to protect yo'self!
Nature's Care Paw Paw - for everything
People for Plants Mist Toner - for a fresh face
Chanel Chance - for a fresh summer scent

And for accessories (because lets face it most of the time you're in your bikinis)

Wittner Sandals - Currently on sale for $89.95 I bought them in black and white because they were so perfect
ROC Eyewear - Yes, I am cheating on my KW's. Stepping out of my comfort zone never looked so good in these ROC bad boys.
Beaded Clutch from Anthropologie - I couldn't walk away from this clutch when I saw it in the US

Stepping away from the computers and phones I have picked up the new ELLE Australia. Can I say I am pretty impressed so far and will definitely be getting the next few editions. I hope everyone is finding some time now to wind down after the festive season, make themselves a citrus water and looking at what they want to achieve this year. I know that is what I will be doing.

jasmine x

ps. I have to say a huge thank you to Tailor Maid PR for letting me try out those fab summer beauty products.


  1. Hi Jasmine! I have just discovered your blog and I have to say WOW! Your style is beyond amazing!! And as a fellow Brissie girl who is currently living abroad (and blogging about it!), your post with all those lush summer essentials is certainly making me miss the Aussie summer! Hope you are having a lovely break. Carly xx

  2. i simply adore the whole feeling! and definitely kinda obsessed with your style ;)